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The safety of our members is our top priority at CoSpace. Here is what we are doing to provide a clean and safe coworking environment.


Medical-grade HEPA Air Filters

We have installed medical-grade air filters in all our main spaces. These are used in hospitals to ensure any airborne particles/viruses are removed. Our systems ensure the entire room is filtered twice every hour.

Protective Isolation Barriers

Each desk now has a protective barrier on both sides to help isolate each member while seated. This is in addition to blocking off desks to enforce social distancing.


Increased Sanitization

There are now hand sanitizing stations located throughout our facility. Common areas and surfaces are disinfected more frequently with commercial-grade disinfectant.

Face Mask Zones

All members are required to wear face coverings whenever they are not at their desks. There is behavioral signage throughout the spaces to remind members they are in a zone that requires face masks to be worn.

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